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  • Wudimals® are for your children.

  • Your children are our future.

  • Their future is our Planet

  • Our Planet is in crisis



We believe that the time for talking is over.

We have to do something and we have to do it now.

All of us, however small, every day, forever.

That’s why Wudimals® originally joined 1% for the Planet and committed 1% of global turnover to audited, active and effective environmental and social justice causes. That's not 1% of profits which can be accounted away but genuine turnover - every product we sell.

However, the reasoning behind recent changes to membership fees mean that we no longer feel that the money we donate to the umbrella organisation is used to the best effect. We, as our customers, want to see the money that we give, going directly to the people on the gound, who are actually making a differerence and not to finance administration and events which we do not believe are an effective use of those monies. For that reason, whilst still a member in 2024 and commited to honouring our obligations of membership, you will start to see the 1% logo disappear from our labels over the coming year. 

This does not change our philosophy or commitment to donating 1% of our turnover - we still believe ardently in the philosophy behind 1% for the Planet.


Therefore, we will continue to support organisations that work towards the maintenence of the habitat of the animals we all love (even some of those that we maybe don't really love but need!). Information on who we support in future will be advertised here, on our website.

Because we can all make a difference, always.

To find out more about 1% for the Planet or even to become a member, click here: 

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