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  • Wudimals® are for your children.

  • Your children are our future.

  • Their future is our Planet

  • Our Planet is in crisis



We believe that the time for talking is over.

We have to do something and we have to do it now.

All of us, however small, every day, forever.

That’s why Wudimals® has joined 1% for the Planet and committed 1% of global turnover to audited, active and effective environmental and social justice causes. That's not 1% of profits which can be accounted away but genuine turnover - every product we sell.


We aim to support organisations that work towards the maintenence of the habitat of the animals we all love (even some of those that we maybe don't really love but need!).

Because we can all make a difference, always.

To find out more about 1% for the Planet or even to become a member, click here: 


GHOSTNETWORK: Uniting People to Protect the Ocean

As part of our commitment to 1% for the Planet we support GhostNetWork .

Have a look at their latest stop motion video explaining the work they do:

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