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Corporate Responsibility

Wudimals® believes in it's duty of care to it's customers, it's suppliers and the one planet we have to live on. Our products are made of all new sustainable wood and are recyclable.

We have robust checking mechanisms in place to ensure that our products are produced ethically, both in terms of the people who make them, the people who sell them, the people who pack them as well as the materials used in their production. We personally visit our factories on a regular basis and ensure that all staff are treated fairly and equally, are paid the official rates for their work and work in an environment that is acceptable. Our Wudimals® are hand crafted in China and in an exclusive purpose built Wudimals® factory in Sri Lanka.

Our products are designed specifically to be gender and ability neutral. All of our products are tested to the latest safety standards of the country in which they are sold and are submitted to the independent Good Toy Guide for genuinely independent testing and review.

The premises we use are all supplied with 100% green energy and we use as few natural resources as we can. Most of our office procedures are paperless. Our logistics uses mostly quality second hand boxes or boxes made from recycled material for shipping, that ensures our products safety but does not use extra resources from the planet. Any fill material required is made from our own unusable shipping cartons. The tape we use to seal our boxes is paper based, uses natural adhesive and is 100% recyclable.

We believe in corporate transparency and have various documents available for inspection including ETI Base Code, Environmental Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Equal Opportunity Policy to name but a few.

If you have any questions regarding the Wudimals® please email them to us at or use our contact page on this site. We endeavour to answer all queries as quickly as possible but even if delayed, you will get a response!

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