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Size (approx): 11.9 x 2.4 x 4.2cm



As all animals are hand carved and hand painted, they are each unique. This is part of the beauty and value of Wudimals®. There will always be very slight variations in fine details, so no one else in the world has exactly the same animal as you!


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Suitable from age 3+


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  • The reef shark has black colouration on the tips of the dorsal fin, the rest of the body is grey. Our shark is a great white, Most sharks reach an average length of about 5 feet, though some can be over 6 feet or more.  The species primarily lives in shallow regions close to the shore. They prefer tropical and subtropical habitats with warm waters.  You will find the species cruising through coral reefs, some also enter estuaries and mangroves as well. The Great White shark can be found off the coasts of the northeastern and western United States, Chile, northern Japan, southern Australia, New Zealand, southern Africa, and the Mediterranean.

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