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Size (approx): 8.5 x 2.5 x 6cm



As all animals are hand carved and hand painted, they are each unique. This is part of the beauty and value of Wudimals®. There will always be very slight variations in fine details, so no one else in the world has exactly the same animal as you!


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Suitable from age 3+


SKU: 40726
  • The warthog is best known for its four sharp tusks and padded bumps, or warts on its face. The females of the species are social and live out their lives in family groups called sounders. They may look vicious but these animals prefer to run from predators rather than fight and are not aggressive unless backed into a corner.The warthog is dark brown in colour and mostly bald, they do have a thick mane that runs from their head to the middle of their back and tiny tufted tails that stand straight up in the air when they run.  Warthogs are omnivores that eat grass and tubers. They are native to the syb-Saharan region of Africa, They prefer to live in cooler, open areas like savannahs, avoiding severe deserts and rainforests. 

    Most of the warthog’s population is found in southwestern Ethiopia and southern Sudan. Their population is stable, but they are not found across the entirety of Africa as some wide-ranging species are. They are absent from heavily forested areas, and South Africa.

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